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    Who can become a Partner?

    MasterHealthPro is looking for business partners across the world to promote its curated and evidence-based courses on men's health and andrology

    We are in a world filled with chaos and men always and almost bear the brunt. The issues related to men's health start from lifestyle challenges of younger men, midlife crisis of middle-aged men and ageing gracefully have taken centre stage in recent times and have become real societal problems that need undivided attention by the medical fraternity. We believe we can add value to them by democratizing the knowledge related to men’s health and deliver on demand through our innovative AI driven technology platform. The pandemic has given a warning bell to upgrade the medical ecosystem for men’s health with more Andrologists and Urologists across the world and we are conscious about our commitment to the men’s health by empowering doctors in the domain.

    We have exciting business opportunities to be part of this emerging and fast growing market segment to train students of medical and allied health science that has a huge market waiting to be tapped.

    Interested? Please FILL THE FORM. We will get back to you shortly.

    Who can become a Partner?

    1. Healthcare service providers viz., Health tech companies, IVF/Diagnostic labs, and Aggregators of medical services to cross sell the offerings to their clients.

    2. Medical colleges and Universities to upskill their students in andrology and men's health.

    3. Individuals like Influencers in the field, blog writers / online journalists etc.

    Come. Join us. We will make the world better and give wings to the lives of men to live a blissful life. The world needs more andrologists as much as cardiologists!

    Team MasterHealthPro

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